Our Values

The Talk Shop is a value-based organisation with a culture that is child-centered and service orientated.
Our staff are compassionate, responsible and reliable and work passionately to provide an environment in which the children in our care are treated with empathy, acceptance, patience and kindness.
We respect each member of The Talk Shop team’s contribution. We trust each other and communicate with honesty and transparency.
We strive to be joyous and hopeful in our work and to support all the families of The Talk Shop.


Assessments are done on an ongoing basis because we realise how children’s competence in a certain area can change daily.



The Talk Shop offers an intensive approach to therapy with children receiving a minimum of two individual and two group sessions per week.

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Extra Murals

We offer Kindermusik, Playball, Dance Mouse and Yoga as part of our extra murals programme.



For the working parents, our aftercare service is available every afternoon until 17h30 .